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It means that you can speed up a trial if u are the one accused. Plus, u have a right to have witnesses, and other things.

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Q: What does right to a speedy trial witnesses etc mean?
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What does amendment 6 mean?

It means the right of a speedy public trial. This means that prisoners wont wait in jail for 30 years awaiting trial.

What are the three rights that all Americans have?

Right to vote, right to own property, right to freedom of speech? More than three. Do you mean life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness? Or the rights in the bill of rights? Freedom of speech, own a gun, lawyer, trial by jury, public trial, etc?

What does it mean when an appellate court sends a case back to the trial court?

apelleate court sends a case back to the trial court

What each amendment is about?

Amendment- 1 - The 5 basic Freedoms (of speech, religion, press, assembly, petition) 2- freedom to bear arms 3- right not to house soldiers in your own home 4- Must have a search warrant 5- Protects person accused of a crime, right to trial 6- Right to trial by jury, right to a lawyer 7- Jury trial in cases dealing with money/civil cases 8No excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment 9- Jest because the Bill of Rights doesn't say it doesn't mean it is not your right 10- Rights not given to the National Government are given to the states (ill answer the other ones running out of time)

What are two rights that only apply to US citizens?

i don't know the rights for only Americans however here is a list of the first ten rights also known as the bill of rightsFreedom of speech (opinion, religion, press, assembly, petition)right to bear armsno quartering of soldiersno unreasonable search and seizure (with out probable caused, must specify what you are searching for)must be indicted by a grand jury in order to face charges ( can not be tried for the same crime twice, right to remain silent)Right to a speedy and public trial ( right to an attorney)right to sue someone ( must be a minimum of 20$no excessive bail (no cruel and unusual punishment)just because a right isn't listed does not mean you don't have that rightstates have the right to grant and deny rights

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What does the sixth amendment mean?

it means that everybody has the right to a speedy and public trial

What if your attorney will not file speedy trial for you?

Chances are your attorney knows better than you, and your speedy trial time hasn't accumlated yet. Speedy Trial does not mean what you think it means, most likely.

What can happen if one's right to a speedy trial is denied?

It can't be denied. It is in the Constitution that you have the right to a speedy and public trial. That doesn't mean the trial will be a quick trial, it means the trial will be started quickly. If that isa denied, than you can sue them, or appeal, or try to take it to the Supreme Court.Another View: I assume you are still being held in jail - file a Writ of Habeus Corpus citing the denial of your Constitutional right to a speedy trial. This should have the effect of releasing you from custody. After consultation with an attorney you can come to a decision as to whether you wish to bring suit or not.

What does amendment 6 mean?

It means the right of a speedy public trial. This means that prisoners wont wait in jail for 30 years awaiting trial.

What does '6' mean?

It means the right of a speedy public trial. This means that prisoners wont wait in jail for 30 years awaiting trial.

What does it mean when a person waived speedy trial?

The United States Constitution affords the criminally accused the right to trial by jury. During pretrial motions the accused may be offered a plea bargain or court adjudication rather than conviction. In this case the defendant waives their right to trial and the case closes.

What does it mean you have the right not to be imprisoned?

The likely context is "imprisoned without trial" or "imprisoned for things you did not do." Under the US Constitution, this could refer to the concept of "habeas corpus" (proof of a crime) and one's right to a fair and speedy trial, to legal representation, and to a trial by a jury of one's peers. There do still exist a number of situations, especially concerning terrorism, where individuals may find themselves detained without benefit of counsel or trial.

What does criminal case mean?

It means that it has been on the courts docket for quite some time and is beginning to "age out" as the deadline for the requirement of "speedy trial' approaches.

Who were some of the witnesses for the Adolf Hitler case?

What do you mean by the 'Adolf Hitler Case'? He was never captured and there was never a trial because he committed suicide.

What happens if you dont pay a bail?

It depends. There is something called a speedy trial clock. That means tht the state needs to be ready for trial within a certain amount of time. This does not mean that you will actually go to trial in that time, just that the government must be ready. In most states, the speedy trial clock runs faster when you are in jail. So, if you don't make bail, you sit in jail... but the government usually has less time to be ready with your case. If you cannot make bail, your lawyer can ask for a reduction from th judge.

What does Speedy Trial Not Waived mean?

It means that either you, your attorney, the prosecutor, or the judge, has refused to allow a request that more than 90 days pass before your case must be presented to court.

What does right to a trial mean?

It means that you can go back to the judge if you think you are not guilty.