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People you are connected to on a social network.

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Q: What does social contact means?
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How are cell phones influenced in the social life?

Yes, They give the person the means to contact people and friends and all the person to have a active social life if its people txting them about what happend or about a party.

What is the meaning of contact?

Contact can be either a noun or a verb. In the noun form, it means "the act of touching; to have a surface adjacent to another surface; a connection"; when used in business or social contexts, it means "a person with whom you have made a connection; someone you can reach out to". In the verb form, it means "to touch; to form a connection".

How can keke palmer get in contact with you?

You can contact her on her social networks (listed below).

Blue circle next to the contact name mean?

A blue circle with a check mark on social networking sites means that the profile has been verified.

What is a written social contact called?

A written social contact is typically referred to as a social media post. It can include text, images, videos, or other content shared on social networking platforms to communicate with others.

How can you contact keke palmer?

You can contact her through her social networks (listed below).

What does it mean when one asks to add me on social networking sites?

When one asks to add you on social networking sites it means they want to add you to their friends list so they can remain in contact. This can be done on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

What are the benefits of mobile facebook application?

Having a Facebook application will allow you access to your social media account from where ever you are. The benefit of this is being able to contact someone via the Facebook app that you may not have any other means of contact for.

What does pegs means in social studies?

It means Political economic geographic social

How can you contact Flavor Flav?

The easiest way to contact Flavor Flav is using social media. Many artists are on social medias platforms on a daily basis.

How can one contact social security gov?

To contact the Social Security offices by web site, telephone, or mail see the Related Link bellow.

What word means a lifelong social group?

what word means lifelong social group