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what does state government mean please answer it for me

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Q: What does state government mean?
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What do we mean by state government?

It is 2nd level government. In India it is not under central government and central govermnent cannot interfare in state govermnent work. It is elected by citizens of state. It can interfare in any issue related to state.

What government did the city state of Epidaurus have in ancient Greece?


What is the mean of government?

The official meaning of the word government is "the governing body of a nation, state, or community."

What does having to do with the central government of the US mean?

It's a unitary state, referred to as a Federal government.

The state of Israel has a parliamentary democracy What does it mean?

the head of state and head of government are separate positions.

What does state capital mean?

A state contains a capital city in which the seat of government is located. For example, the capital of California is Sacramento. Here, the Capitol Building is located, which is the head of government for the state of California.

What does State constitution mean?

it means that the government is taking all the money!

What does in state fugitive mean?

In state fugitive is a person who is fleeing from law and prosecution. Such a person is wanted by the government within that state.

What do you mean by welfare state?

A state or a government that is taking the responsibility of taking care of its citizens health and wellbeing

What does Federal government having more power than state government mean?

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How is the name government from CA?

Democracy, if you mean current Governor, so state.

What does the sepraration of church and state mean?

It means the church is no longer part of government