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When you say "I subjected myself to the doctor's tests" for example, it means that you experienced the doctor's tests. You allowed yourself to have the tests performed on you.

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Q: What does subject yourself to something mean?
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What does Mead mean when he says that the self is both a subject and an object to itself?

Mead is suggesting the idea that human beings are able to in their mind, have rational discussions as not only themselves, but take the role of how the other person they are imagining would respond to what they have said. He claims in order to have a self you must have be both a subject and object to yourself. You are already a subject to yourself, so now you need to become an object to yourself. In order to see yourself as an object, you have to take the role of others (such as family, friends, anyone really) and imagine their responses to what you say. In that way you can turn yourself into an object, you see yourself as others would perceive what you are communicating. This is why he puts a great value upon language and society. Society is the only way to make you see yourself as an object and language is also pivotal to creating yourself through the communication with others.

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