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It means that you have job for life, such as in academic settings, like a university

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Q: What does tenure mean in regards to employees?
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What is the tenure of your employees?

Tenure means how long the employee or the employees have been with the company. For example, one employee's tenure may be 10 years, whereas collectively, between all the employees of the company, their tenure may be hundreds or thousands of years with the company.

Does managerial employee has the right to a secured tenure?

Today there is no such thing as secured tenure. Most employees are at will and can be terminated at any time.

What does the term fit mean with regards to the hiring process?

how a potential employee's skills and personality will complement those of the employer's current employees

How long does it take a teacher to earn tenure in Mississippi?

There is no such thing as tenure in Mississippi K-12 education. They are yearly contract employees who are paid according to length of service and education.

What dies tenure mean?

Tenure refers to the particular duration that a person is supposed to hold.

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What is the definition of stability of tenure of personnel?

Stability of tenure personnel means availability of personnel in case employees leave the company. This means that replacements should always be available in order to provide stability of the business.

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What does it mean when a doctor has tenure?

Has a particular time span within a hospital, cannot resign or be fired from his tenure unless by a 100% board vote

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