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Legislative branch makes the laws.

Executive branch enforces the laws.

Judicial branch interprets the laws.

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Q: What does the 3 branches of government do pertaining to the United State government?
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How many branches are there in the united state government?


What type of government does Idaho have?

The state of Idaho, like the United States itself, has 3 branches of government, which includes judicial, legislative, and executive branches. The state has a Governor as well as a Lieutenant Governor. Idaho's state government is governed by a state constitution.

Does Florida have the three branches of government like the US?

of course, they are a state in the United States. they have the same as Tennessee, Georgia, New York, all the states in the United States have the same 3 government branches.

Compare and contrast the three branches of the Arizona state government with the three branches of the federal?

Compare and contrast the three branches of the Arizona state government with the three branches of the federal government.

How many branches of government does each state has?

In the United States, most if not all US States have three branches. 1. Executive; 2. Legislative; and 3. Judicial. To a large extent these States have the same functions of the Federal government.

What are the three branches of Colorado's State Government?

The three branches of Colorado's State Government are the same as the federal governments branches. They are legislative, judicial, and the executive branch.

What is pertaining to the national or central government?

It usually called the federal government and individual agencies are mostly called the United States __________. ( Department of .., Court of ... , Treasury, etc,) It is centered in Washington, DC.

What is the principle of dividing powers between a national government and state governments called?

Separation of powers is the process of separating branches of government. In the United States, the three branches of government balance each other.

To whom does the US Constitution give sovereignty?

State legislatures, state constitutions, the US national government, and the President of the United States.

Why do the state constitutions have three branches of government?

So that the government was balenced

How many branches of government were created by the North Carolina Constitution?

There were three branches of Government created by the NC state constitution.

How many branches in the state and federal government?

there are 3 branches ...Legislative , Executive , and Judicial