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The Welsh flag is called Y Ddraig Goch. In English this means The Red Dragon.

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Q: What does the Welsh flag called?
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What is the Welsh word for flag?

Welsh for FLAG is baner (pronounced like BANNER in English) Also lluman.

What is the name of the Welsh flag?

The name of the Welsh Flag is Y Ddraig Goch. This means The Red Dragon.

Is the welsh flag the most important object in welsh history?


Is there a red dragon on the Welsh flag?

Yes there is a red dragon on the welsh flag, the back round colours are red green.

Which country has dragon as its symbol?

The Welsh flag and the Bhutan Flag Also the Maltese flag

When was the Welsh flag made?


What colar is the welsh flag?

The Welsh flag consists of a bar of white on top and a bar of green on the bottom; in the center is a red dragon.

What Welsh word rhymes with flag?

flag-banner half-hanner

What monster is on the welsh flag?

It's a dragon

What does the dragon on the England Flag mean?

There is no Dragon on the England Flag Theres one on the Welsh flag though...

What are the colors of welslh flag?

The welsh flag is green with a red dragon in a white circle.

What do you call People who live in Wales?

I know for a fact that people in Wales are called Welsh.