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The bird on the United States of America's dollar bill is the American Bald Eagle. The eagle symbolizes the United States. In the eagles beak is a banner that reads "E Pluribus Unum", which means one out of many, or many united as one. The eagles legs are spread...wide eagle if you will and in the eagles left talon there are thirteen arrows. In the eagles right talon there is an olive branch with thirteen leaves. The eagle is looking in the direction of the olive branch. What this symbolizes is a message of peace with a not so subtle reminder that the people are united so that they may, among other things, protect themselves when necessary. Above the eagles head are thirteen stars arranged in a hexagram, similar to the Star of David. Around these thirteen stars is an aura or a glow of light shining bright. This is the flip side to the Great Seal of the United States.

The other side of the Great Seal is a pyramid built with thirteen layers of bricks that all lead to the pinnacle, which is the all seeing eye. The eye is also surrounded by and aura or glow of light and at the top of the seal the words "Annuit Coeptis" is inscribed and means; God has smiled upon our efforts. Below the pyramid there is a banner that reads: "Novus ordo seclorum" which means: A new cycle of the ages, or if you will, a new world order. The Great Seal is steeped in symbolism heavily influenced by Masonic imagery. The number thirteen has been a sacred number since time immemorial. There are the twelve tribes of Israel to the one God. There were twelve Apostles to Jesus. There was Heracles and his twelve exploits. Thirteen was once considered lucky and spiritual and ironically did not become the symbol of bad luck until most of the Knights Templar were slaughtered on a Friday the Thirteenth. Today twenty story buildings are built without a thirteenth floor because of the belief it causes bad luck. But before the extermination of Knights Templar thirteen was a respected and revered number and the founders of the United States, many being Masons, were keenly aware of this. That there were thirteen colonies at the time of the Revolution may or may not be coincidence, but that there were thirteen colonies that united to rebel against tyranny is an important symbol to those founders and they use that symbolism in several places on both sides of the Great Seal.

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Q: What does the bird on the dollar bill symbolize?
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