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His insignia of office as commanding general

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Q: What does the blue sash represent on George Washington?
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Why is a blue belt or sash depicted on the Blessed Virgin Mary and Does it represent she is with child?

The blue sash on paintings of Our Lady, and often Our Lord, are symbols of humility.

The early Saxon kings wore a sash that they used as a benchmark for measuring length The name of the sash became the name of one of the units of length What masuring unit did the sash represent?

The sash worn by early Saxon kings was called a "yard," which later became a unit of length equal to 3 feet.

What colour was queen victorias sash?


What does the sash on the girl from the fiction department represent?

The sash worn by the girl from the fiction department in George Orwell's novel "1984" represents her membership in the Junior Anti-Sex League, which promotes celibacy and anti-sex ideals in the dystopian society. It symbolizes the suppression of personal freedoms and individuality by the oppressive government.

Why did queen Victoria wear a navy blue sash?

order of the garter

What are all the Pixie Hollow Secret Codes for belts?

there are 6 i know 245454 128432 897342 689045 346456 567893 enjoy i got a gold sash a yellow sash a orange and pink sash and a colorful and a blue sash they r getting to be invalid on 6/14/2012 so hurry

Was blue worn by peasants in the time of Jesus?

Yes. The men wore a blue sash around their waist to show they were Jewish. This is the only time I know of them wearing blue.

What do the Kung Fu and wushi belts mean by their color?

Since a belt system was not originally used in Kung Fu but rather adopted from various Japanese systems the colours are more less the same as most Japanese styles. In order of lowest rank to highest rank they usually look something like this: white belt / no sash - Beginner yellow belt or sash gold belt or sash purple belt or sash orange belt or sash green belt or sash blue belt or sash brown belt or sash red belt or sash black belt or sash - Advanced Often the purple belt is up closer to black and in some cases the red is after black rather than before like so: Black Sash - advanced Red Sash - Master White Sash - Grand Master This will vary from school to school In wushu's case, usually the colour is worn because it matches the uniform.

Why is there a purple sash on the cross?

A purple sash on a cross can symbolize mourning, royalty, or penance. In some religious contexts, it may represent Jesus' sacrifice and the season of Lent.

What is the singular of sash?

The noun sash is the singular form. The plural noun is 'sashes'

What part of speech is sash?

Sash is a noun.

What is the plural of sash?

The plural of sash is sashes.