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The Framers seemed to believe that the person elected to the presidency would have the ability to set up an organization that would work for the benefit of both the President and the country. They also seemed to recognize that the needs of the executive branch would change, and that overly descriptive rules in the Constitution might hinder flexibility later on.

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Q: What does the constitution's silence on the organization of the executive branch suggest about the beliefs of the framers?
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What did the framers give congress to protect liberty and specify its powers?

executive power

What views did the framers hold about the power of the presidency?

The Framers didn't have differing views on Presidential power; instead, they believed the Executive branch should be "checked."

What different views did the framers hold about powers of the presidency?

The Framers didn't have differing views on Presidential power; instead, they believed the Executive branch should be "checked."

Why would the framers want Congress to be more powerful then the executive branch?

Little of the check and balance system that protected the British citizens in Britain itself extended to the colonies. Not wanting to exchange an authoritarian abroad for one at home, the framers wanted to avoid a government where the executive could rise to that same level of power.

Why did the framers make the executive branch share some of its powers with congress?

They could see into the future.

What did the Framers of the Constitution intend the legislature to do?

they intended it to have the legislative branch, executive branch, and the judicial branch.

How did the Framers defend the notion of a singular executive?

By arguing that a singular executive was MORE likely to be energetic and to govern with efficiency and dispatch than a plural committee of executives.

Which of the following statements is generally true of the framers of the constitution?

they believed in the supremacy of the executive branch of the federal government

What colonial experience might have influenced the framers idea of duties for the executive branch?

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What are the three divisions of the US government?

The three branches of the US government consist of the US Congress, the Executive Branch and the judicial branch. The Framers of the US Constitution formulated a system of government that has commonsense and democracy as its base. It's significance is that decades later many new nations designed their constitutions on the US one.

Why did the framers of the constitution want ratification votes cast by special state conventions rather than by legislatures?

Because the framers of the Constitutions felt that state conventions attended by local people should be able to take part in the decision making process. The United State Constitution was ratified in 1788.

Do all the framers of the Constitution supported the concept of a strong Presidency?

Most of the framers did support the idea of a strong Executive. However, they wanted all of the branches to have checks in place so one branch would not become to powerful.