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Elephant = Republican Political Party Donkey = Democratic Political Party

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Q: What does the elephant and donkey stand for in the congress?
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What are the two government symbols for the two parties?

The symbols for the two American political party are, the elephant and the donkey, the elephants represent the Republicans and the donkey represents the Democrats.

What animal stands as a symbol of the republican party -- a donkey or an elephant?

An elephant is the symbol of the republican party. The donkey is the symbol of the democratic party.

Which of these represents the Democratic Party A The Donkey B the Elephant?


What is the Republican Party mascot?

An elephant.

Who is the man with the symbols donkey and elephant?

In politics, a donkey represents republicans while an elephant is for democrats (or the other way around

Why is the democratic party an elephant?

its a DONKEY!

How long can an elephant stand after dying?

It's not how long an elephant can stand, it's how long you can stand the elephant.

Would Barack Obama wear a donkey pin or elephant pin?

Donkey pin. The donkey stands for the democratic party.

What does the elephant and donkey mean?

The elephant and donkey are symbols of the Republican and Democratic political parties, respectively. The Democratic donkey was first used as a negative comparison against the party, but Democrats used the animal as a strong-willed creature. The Republican elephant is the product of a political cartoon from the 1800s.

What do drawings of an elephant an a donkey represent?

democratic and republicans

How hard is a donkey kick?

as hard as a elephant kick

How hard is an elephant kick?

as hard as a donkey kick