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It allows you to write whatever un-libel(harmful) things you want

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Q: What does the freedom of press allow a person to do?
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Did Mussolini allow freedom of press?

No. He was fascist, i doubt he let freedom of anything.

Did Germany allow freedom of the press in world war 2?


What does freedom of speech allow a person to do?

it lets people speak their mind to be assertive and to be their own person.

Is there an amendment in the Bill of Rights that provides for freedom of speech and freedom of press?

Freedom of the Press is granted by the first Amendment, the freedom of speech. Did you know that the First Amendment protects the following? * Freedom of Expression * Freedom of Speech * Freedom of the Press

Who started the freedom press?

Who started the freedom press?

Is freedom of press same as freedom of speech?

No, they aren't the same. Freedom of Speech is allowing you to say whatever you like, and generally what you want to say. Freedom of Press is your right to the media. Anyone (if you had the means) has the right to be on T.V., or to show what you want on T.v.

When was Freedom Press created?

Freedom Press was created in 1886.

When was Foundation for Press Freedom created?

Foundation for Press Freedom was created in 1996.

Which are the countries that don't have freedom of the press?

Approximately 2/3 of the countries in the world do not allow freedom of the press. Countries included in that number are China, North Korea, and Egypt.

What does Freedom of the Press mean in the US?

Freedom of the Press in the US is the right to broadcast information about anything a person chooses to inform others about then every they want to to whom every they want to with out the fearing of reprocutions ...

Why do some countries not allow freedom of the press?

They feel like the people will overthrow and destroy their government and they will become mean and hateful!

What are the limitations on campus press freedom?

the colonies press for freedom in 1773