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export crops to other countries

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Export crops to other countries

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Q: What does the midwestern productivity allows the US to do?
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Where is the midwestern region in the us?


Does a hurricane occur in the Midwestern US?

No. Although the Midwestern U.S. often gets tornadoes, it is too far from the ocean to get hurricanes.

Where is indiana located in the us?

The Midwestern United States.

Where were the Mississippians located?

Midwestern,eastern, and southeastern US.

What is South Dakota?

South Dakota is a US state located in the Midwestern US.

What is proper adjective of Midwest?


What connects the Midwestern US to the Gulf of Mexico?

The Mississippi River

Midwestern US state nicknamed the buckeye state?


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Which Midwestern States border US?

The Midwestern states are a part of the United States and they are located in the middle of the country. They border other states in the country.

Some Midwestern farmland in the US is covered by?

It is mostly covered by prairies