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Must give Congress a report on Nation's status annually. Call a special session of Congress if needed. Must execute and carry out laws.

Deals with foreign affairs.

These are a few. Hope this helps.

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chief of state, and head of government

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Q: What does the president oversee?
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What is a major function of the president's cabinet?

To oversee the operation of executive departments.

What is one of the major purposes of political appointees?

Oversee the implementation of the president's agenda by an agency PLATO (A)

Which founding father was appointed by president george washington to oversee the construction of the nation's new capitol along the potomac river?

Daniel Carroll was appointed by President George Washington to oversee the construction of the new capitol along the Potomac River. Carroll served in the US House of Representatives from 1789-1791.

What part of speech is oversee?

Oversee is a verb.

What is a major function of the presidents cabinet members?

To oversee the operation of executive departments.

Did all presidents live in the white house?

No, George Washington didn't. it was still under construction when he was president

A twelve-member agency appointed by the president to oversee the banking system under a new federal law of 1913?

The Federal Reserve System

Which President over saw construction of the White House?

George Washington and John Adams both helped oversee the White House construction.

Who is in charge of congress congress?

The Speaker of the House is in charge of the House of Representatives in Congress, while the Vice President serves as the President of the Senate. The Speaker and the Vice President oversee the legislative process, manage debates, and ensure the smooth functioning of their respective chambers.

What were George Washington responsibility as a president?

One of the responsibilities of George Washington as a President was to oversee the formation of a strong functional government. He did so with the help of a cabinet system that still exists today.

What agencies work most directly with the president?

The White House Office, National Security Council, and Office of Management and Budget work most directly with the president on a day-to-day basis. These agencies help the president formulate policies, manage resources, and oversee national security matters.

Is this correct . The Admin committee oversee the plant?

Oversee should be oversees because committee is singular