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# Truth, and spirituality. # The left hand, and side was considered, and called The sinister Side, by religion. During the churches good old Witch Hunting Days, parents of left-handed children lived in fear. Thus started the practice of forcing children be right handed no matter what! # 75 years ago, the practice of making children use their right hands in school continued. I know! For I did the first 3 years of my schooling, with my left hand tied behind my back! Religious superstition is a deadly thing!

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It represents a hand of power and salvation.

(see also Ex 15:6,12; Ps 20:6; 48:10; 89:13; 98:1)

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Q: What does the right hand symbolize?
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Why would one purchase right hand rings instead of left hand rings?

Right hand rings can be used to symbolize your status as a "single" member of society. The traditional Claddagh Irish ring is used exactly for this purpose!

Why did the pallbearers put the gloves on officer randall simmons casket?

It is called the placing of the gloves service and is common for firefighters. It is common for the right glove to be removed to symbolize the hand of strength, the hand of friendship, and the hand of honor.

Why does Anubis have a cross in his hand?

to symbolize life

What do hands do?

The hands symbolize many things. The left hand symbolizes passiveness, justice, emotion, lunar, receiving, and unconscious. The right hand symbolizes assertiveness, mercy, solar, logic, giving, and consciousness.

What does an open hand symbolize?

Open-ness and trust

What does the poem a leaf for a hand in hand symbolize?

This poem represents common good and people

Which hand is your right hand?

Your right hand is the hand that is above your right foot.

What is the maori word for the direction right?

katau1. (stative) be on the right hand. 2. (noun) right hand, right-hand side, the right hand, the right-hand side.3. (location) the right hand, the right side.matau1. (stative) be on the right hand, right. 2. (location) the right hand, right-hand side.

What can your right hand do that your left hand can't do and what can your left hand do that your right hand can't do?

Your right hand can touch your left elbow but your left hand can't and your left hand can touch your right elbow but your right hand can't.

What is the symbolism of the open hand?

The open hand can symbolize anything from the phrase "come with me" to something along the lines of "I am here for you". The open hand is a positive symbol.

Is ulster's red-hand right or left?

It is the right hand, "the right hand of ulster."

What can you hold in your right hand that your friend cant hold in her right hand?

Her right hand.