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When used correctly, the word "federal" (as in "federal system") refers to the division of political power between the national government and the state governments. However, people use the word "federal" as a synonym for the word "national." Therefore, when people use the phrase, "Today, the federal government decided...." they are (usually) referring to the national government and not the division of power between the national and state governments. This is an example of a technical term in political science being incorrectly used.

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the central or main government of the country

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Q: What does the word federal mean when we speak of the federal government?
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What does the word federal imply?

The word federal refers to the federal government, or the largest form of government in the United States. It can also refer to taxes which are paid to the federal government or people who work for the federal government.

What word means having to do with central government of the US?

The central government of the US is the Federal government.

A sentence using the word federal?

The head of the federal government is the president.

What is another word for federal government?

National Government, Central government(as opposed to state)

What word means pertaining to the national or central government?


When do you capitalize congressional?

Only capitalize the word federal when you are referring specifically to a federal government, e.g. the Federal Government of the US or of Australia, or when the word is used in the title of a proper noun, e.g. the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

What is a sentence with the word government in it?

This current government is useless.The government decided to declare war.I will speak to my local government minister about this.

Social studies us civics what does hierarchical mean?

Hierarchial is a form of the word hierarchy. it's the order of power. Federal>State>Local government.

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