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The President is both the head of state and the head of government (i.e. United States, most countries in the Western Hemisphere).

This is as opposed to a parliamentary system where the head of state is a President or monarch and the head of government is the Prime Minister (Britain, ex-European colonies).

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It means that the government makes all of the rules and it is controlled by a president and another leader in power.

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Q: What does unitary semi-presidential republic mean?
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Is the Republic of Ireland federal or unitary?

It is a unitary

What type of republic is the Dominican Republic in?

It's a Unitary presidential republic.

Is the Dominican Republic a dictatorship or oligarchy?

It is a Unitary presidential republic.

What is the current constitution of France?

Constitutional Republic (Unitary)

Poland is now what?

A Unitary Parliamentary Republic

Is unitary a unitary or federal?

The official name of Germany (in English) is the Federal Republic of Germany. There are 16 states.

How is the Indonesian government ran?

It is a Unitary presidential republic

Is Austria unitary or federal?

Austria is a federal republic.

Is Mexico unitary or federal?

It is a federal presidential representative republic.

What type of government is Vietnam?

Vietnam is a unitary socialist republic, a single party state which is communist in nature.

What form of government does Libya have?

Libya government is a Unitary Parliamentary Republic

What is Egypt's goverΠΌenΡ‚?

The Egyptian government is a Unitary semi-presidential republic.