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Q: What economic challenge did the newly formed American federal government face?
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How does the Federal Government often attempt to lessen the economic hardship for American citizens?

eliminate unemolyment

Why does the federal government monitor and regulate American bank and other financial institutions?

to shield money from the damaging effects of economic downturns

do the American people have power in our federal government?

Yes. The American people decide who is allowed to hold what position in the federal government during elections.

How did economic hardship of The Great Depression affect voters' attitudes towards government?

Voters looked to the Federal Government for solutions to their economic concern.....

What were the social and economic benefits of the states coming together and forming a federal government?

The benefits of the states coming together to form a federal government were that there was increased security. Also, there was an improvement in the economic status of all the colonies.

Where did the first significant internal challenge to the authority of the new federal government occur?

western pennsylvania

Level of government that people expected to cure the economic ills?

The federal government is typically expected to address and alleviate economic issues. Through fiscal policies, such as spending and taxation, as well as monetary policies, such as setting interest rates, the government aims to stimulate economic growth, reduce unemployment, and stabilize the economy in times of crisis.

What system of government is largely an American invention?


Is the American government system made up of mostly a federal government?


What government is the only level of American government that has the right to coin money.?


The economic policies of the federal government from 1921 to 1929 were responsible for the nation's depression of the 1930's--assess the validity of this statement?

The economic policies of the federal government from 1921 to 1929 were not solely responsible for the nation's depression but had a large impact on it. For example, the federal government freely lent money to banks which in turned gave it to their customers.

Which development during the 1780s produced the strongest calls for a new national constitution and government?

The American Revolution cost the federal government a lot of money, but they had no way to pay those bills. Therefore, the new constitution allowed the federal government to collect taxes to pay those debts. Economic chaos in the nation in plato