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Everyone in America was suddenly afraid of innocent Japanese Americans. They became outcasts with little money and no one willing to help. Soon the US government forced all Americans of Japanese descent to go into concentration camps, miserable places where they were forced to stay. They were in the camps for many year (for more information try reading Farewell to Manzanar) and once they were out they were still strongly discriminated against.

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The attack fed a general mistrust toward Japanese (and Asians in general) and enabled the military to enforce the internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans during the war. In 1944, this was ruled to be unconstitutional, but many loyal Americans of Japanese descent were taken from their homes and spent three years or more in guarded desert camps.

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Q: What effect did pearl harbor have on the Japanese living in America?
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Why did the Japanese Canadian Internment happen?

The U.S. entered WWII and Japan because the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was a naval base. This attack killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers. After this attack America joined the war. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because the United States boycotted them.AnswerThere was some concern regarding whether the Japanese in this country would be loyal to the Emperor of Japan or to the United States. There were many reasons, the official reason given was because Japanese Americans living on the west coast were direct threats to National security.

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What did Americans do to the American Japanese citizens during ww2?

After the attack upon Pearl Harbor that was commited without warning, the United States declared war on Japan. The citizens of America knew that there were Japanese - Americans living in the United States. They were worried that any one of the Japanese living in America could be a spy or a sabateur. To make sure that this did not happen president Roosevelt ordered that the Japanese - Americans be placed in relocation camps. Unlike the concentration camps in Europe, the relocation camps were more hospitable. The inhabitants of the camps were given appropriate quarters and were treated fairly, but were surrounded by a barbed wire fence with guards and towers.

What was the rationale for the supreme court to uphold the internment of Japanese Americans in 1944?

America was scared that the American Japanese that were living there were spys

What reasons led to the empire of japan to bomb pearl harbor?

America does not know really why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor but there are two theories. One of the theories was that the Japanese need more living space for their country. Japan only has four main pieces of land which are islands, so they are very small and did not hold all the people that were living there. The other reason was that the Japanese was in need of oil and they thought Pearl Harbor had a large amount of it. they bombed pearl harbor because the u.s stop sending supplies.

Why is Pearl Harbor significant to the internment camp experience?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and the USA then set up internment camps for any Japanese living in the USA. The Japanese were put into internment camps as they were considered a threat to the country. Here in the UK they did the same thing with Italians and Germans living in the UK.

Executive Order 9066 allowed the US Military to do what?

It was the Executive Order which ordered Americans of Japanese descent and Japanese citizens living in America into internment camps.

How many Japanese were living in America prior to World War 2?

Approximately 120,000 Japanese and/or Japanese-Americans lived in the US during and prior to WW2; of which over 90,000 lived in California.

What was the major reason for relocating many Japanese Americans to government run internment camps?

Because of the bombing at Pearl Harbor, the US Government was very suspicious about Japanese people living in America. They thought they were spies. So they were relocated because the US was afraid they were spies for Japan. Hope this helped! :)

What argument was used to justify the Japanese American Interment?

The reason then is very similar to post-9/11. America was hit at Pearl Harbor, on our "home" soil - though off-mainland. Americans were terrified Japanese living in the US or Japanese-Americans would aid and abet Japanese living in Japan, letting another attack happen on US soil. Bush reacted in a similar way toward "terrorists" after 9/11---"put them all" at Guatanamo Bay without due process because their countrymen had attacked the US on home soil.

What was the living conditions like during Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was a modern facility.

Why did American's put Japanese people into internment camps During world war II?

I'm not sure exactly. This is a way to get started. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans feared that the Japanese living in the United States would do something bad and were somehow linked to the goverment.

Fate of many Japanese Americans?

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 by Japan, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 in February of 1942 that led to the internment of Japanese American living on the West Coast. Japanese Americans in this part of the country were removed from their homes and sent to internment camps for the duration of World War 2.

During World War 2 how were Japanese living in the US affected?

The Japanese in the US were affected in several ways- they were treated horribly by their neighbors who were angry at Japan for Pearl Harbor. They had their shops destroyed, windows broken, stuff stolen, and many of them were sent to interment camps where they were kept behind walls to protect the US from Japanese espionage.