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you friqui mother

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Q: What elements of the constitution have helped it work so well for over 200 years?
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Who was the American leader who presided over postwar japan?

MacArthur helped shape the postwar economy of Japan. The Japanese even named their constitution the MacArthur Constitution. He helped lead Japan into a democratic government and helped restabilize the economy.

What document has ruled America's for over 200 years?

the constitution

How has Congress helped to expand the meaning of the Constitution?

By believing in almighty sosa him and the glo gang took over

How long has the US Constitution been in force?

over 200 years

What is the textbook on geometry that is over a hundred years old?

Elements de Geometrie ( elements of geometry)

When month and day was Australia's Constitution drafted on?

The constitution was drafted over a few years, principally at the convention which held multiple sessions over 1897 and 1898.

Who can vote under U.S. Constitution?

citizens that are over 18 years of age

Why has the Constitution lasted over 200 years -?

So that they can have a better natianol goverment

Who has Oprah helped over the years?

People living in Africa!!! Charities!

Who was the scribe who wrote the Constitution?

The U.S. Federal Constitution was written mostly by James Madison. But others helped Madison draft and finalize the Constitution to what we know today, such as William Paterson and Roger Sherman who helped define the legislative branch of the U.S. government. Also, the Bill of Rights was written by Madison, and other great statesmen throughout history have written the twenty-seven amendments that helped shape the Elastic Clause over two hundred years in the making. But the Constitution was literally written by penman Jacob Shallus who wrote everything down conjured up by Madison, Sherman, and Paterson.

How many "additions / changes" have been made in the current constitution over the years?


What elements are natural made?

In theory, all elements are naturally made, but many of the large ones have decayed into smaller elements over billions of years