What ended the arms race?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Arms Race ended with the end of the cold war and the breakup of the USSR. The nuclear arms race came about during the Cold War.

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The fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Q: What ended the arms race?
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What does the arms race have to do with politics?

What! There is a race of arms!

What was the naval arms race about?

arms-race-naval-arms-racetalks about this here

How did the use of the atom bomb affect the world?

It ended the war in the Pacific. It also ushered in the nuclear arms race and led to the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

What would have happened if Stalin was involved in the Japanese bombing?

It was meant for Stalin not to be involved in the bomb. We spent decades after that in the arms race and you should know how that ended.

How did the arms race lead to peace?

how did the arms race lead to the end of the fall of the soviet union

Why did the arms race start?

the arms race started because US wanted to get the most powerful bomb.

What was the Australian involvement in Pearl Harbor?

It got Them involved in arms race It got Them involved in arms race

What do you think is meant arms race?

'Arms race' was the 'race' between America and Soviet Russia to develop as many nuclear weapons as possible.

After World War 2 ended what effect did the development of the atomic bomb have on the world?

That started the Cold War. at it's end mutual destruction was assured

How did the nuclear arms race affect the course of the cold war?

The nuclear arms race was the core of the cold war.

Who was the president in during the arms race?

The president during the arms race was Harry S. Truman - EMS Student

How were the theory of deterrence and the arms race related?

The thinking is if the race to gather destructive weapons was deterred then the arms race would be secondary and nations would stop.