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The closest English unit to the metric meter is the yard. 1 yard equals .9144 meters. In smaller units down further 1 foot equals .30408 meters.

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Q: What english unit of measurement is closest in size to the meter?
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What metric unit of measurement is about the same size as a yard?

A meter is the closest metric measurement to one yard. One meter is just shy of 1.1 yards, and 1 yard is a bit more than 0.9 meters.

Is meter the same as square meter?

no. a metre is a measurement of a straight length whilst a square metre is a measurement of an area 1m x 1m in size. No, metre is a length measurement unit whereas square meter is an area measurement unit.

What did the French use to determine how long a meter would be?

The meter used the size of the Earth as a measurement. It is 1â„10,000,000 part of one half of a a meridian. A meridian is a measurement of longitude.

Which group of measurement units is correctly arranged in order of increasing size?


How can you calculate grams per square meter?

The gram is a measurement of weight, and the square meter is a measurement of area.Formula:Basis Weight (in pounds) x 1406.5Basis Size (in inches)= GRAMS PER SQUARE METERTo find the Basis Size, refer to the chart in the related link.Example:Convert 25" x 38", 60 lb. Offset Paper to grams per square meter.60 x 1406.525 x 38= 88.8 Grams per square meter

What size in Italian jeans is an English size 32?

Size 16 is the Italian equivalent of the English jeans size 32.Specifically, the English measurement designates the waist size. That means a size 12 in the United States of America. Italy's sizing generally may be obtained by adding 4 to the U.S. size (12+4=16).

Is 140g or 145g the closest to the measurement of an apple?

That depends on the size of the apple. 5 grams is quite a small difference. The best thing to do is get an apple and weigh it.

What are square meters?

A square meter is like a square yard. It is an area about the size of a single sidewalk section. Its measurement is 39" x 39". == == == == A meter and sq meter are Metric # for a linear measurement 1sq ft= 0.0929 square meters. 1sq meter = 1.196 sq yds. There is 0.3048 meters in a ft. 1 ft = 12 inches. 1 sq ft = 144 sq inches.

What is a measurement close to true size?

A measurement close to true size is referred to as Precision Measurement.

What is the size of a sports battle a meter or kilometer?

a meter is the size of a sports bottle

What is the size of 1 meter to the size of centimeter?

1 meter = 100 centimeters

What planet in the closest in size to earth?

Of the known planets, Venus is closest in size to the Earth.