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1881 -

1. Booker T. Washington opens Tuskegee Institute for blacks.

2. Sioux Leader Sitting Bull surrenders to Federal troops on July 20 for

his involvement in Little Big Horn

3. President James A. Garfield is assassinated on Sept. 19

1883 -

1. Indonesian volcano Krakatoa erupts killing 35,000.

2. The Brooklyn Bridge connecting the county of Brooklyn to Manhattan is

opened on May 24th

1884 -

1. Statue of Liberty presented by France, construction required ten


2. The first baseball's World Series is played

1885 - French scientist Louis Pasteur, on July 6, successfully tests an anti-rabies

vaccine on boy bitten by an infected dog.

1886 -

1. Geronimo surrenders all Apache nations, September 4.

2. Statute of Liberty is dedicated in New York Harbor October 28th

1888 -

1. First successful computer built by Herman Hollerith.

2. Richmond, Virginia, introduces first Electric streetcars.

3.George Eastman received patent for roll-film camera; registered

"Kodak," trademark, Sept. 4

1889 -

1. Indian territory becomes Oklahoma territory

2. Ten story building erected in Chicago. Considered a skyscraper at the


3. The Wall Street Journal is first published; July 8.

4. Jefferson Davis dies at age 81 on December 6. Buried in New Orleans

1890 -

1. Thomas Alva Edison invents motion pictures.

2. First skyscraper in New York City is the World Building, 26 stories

3. Sitting Bull is killed by Indian policemen while resisting arrest

4. Massacre of Native Americans including women and children at

Wounded Knee, SD, December 29

5. Artist Vincent van Gogh dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound in Auvers,

France, July 29.

1892 -

1. First bridge to span the lower Mississippi River is at Memphis.

2. Rudolf Diesel invents internal combustion engine that runs on oil

(diesel engine).

3. Pledge of Allegiance published. Changes made in 1954.

1893 - America the Beautiful written by Katherine Lee Bates.

1896 -

1. Plessey Vs. Ferguson establishes "separate but equal" provision in

U.S. law.

2. Klondike gold rush begins when prospecting party discovers gold in

Alaska; August 17.

1898 -

1. USS Maine explodes in harbor at Havana, Cuba, February 15, that

starts the Spanish-American War.

2. Spanish-American War. Theodore Roosevelt and his rough-riders

fight in Cuba

3. Independent republic of Hawaii annexed by United States.

1900 - Boxer Rebellion begins against foreigners in China.

1901 - President William McKinley is assassinated; dies September 14

1902 - President Theodore Roosevelt on Aug. 22, becomes first president to

ride in an automobile.

1903 - The Wright Brothers make first powered flight, Kitty Hawk, NC Dec 17.

1906 - The Great San Francisco Earthquake April 18 kills over 500 people.

1908 - The First Model T rolls off Ford Motor Co., assembly line.

1909 -

1. Robert Peary & Matthew A. Henson reach North Pole.

2. NAACP by W. E. B. DuBois.

1910 -

1. Boy Scouts of America founded, Feb 8.

2. The great writer, Mark Twain,dies Stormfield, at Redding, Connecticut: April


3. Florence Nightingale dies in London.

Also during this period is the great migration from Europe and Asia to the United States.

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  • February 2 - The first electric streetlight is installed in Wabash, Indiana.
  • March 31 - Wabash, Indiana becomes the first electrically lit city in the world.
  • April 18 - William Gladstone defeats Benjamin Disraeli in the United Kingdom general election to become Prime Minister for the second time.
  • May 13 - In Menlo Park, New Jersey, Thomas Edison performs the first test of his electric railway.
  • June 1 - Tinius Olsen awarded a United States Patent for the Little Giant Testing Machine
  • June 29 - France annexes Tahiti.
  • July 14 - Dorchester Penitentiary opens in Canada.
  • July 22 - Abdur Rahman Khan becomes Emir of Afghanistan.
  • August 19 Helen Fry was born
  • October - The "Blizzard of 1880" begins in North America.
  • October 15 - Mexican soldiers kill Victorio, one of the greatest Apache military strategists.
  • October 28 - The first stone is laid for the Clarkson Memorial in Wisbech.
  • November 2 - U.S. presidential election, 1880: James Garfield defeats Winfield S. Hancock.
  • November 4 - The first cash register is patented by James and John Ritty of Dayton, Ohio.
  • November 11 - Australian bushranger and bank robber Ned Kelly is hanged in Melbourne.
  • November 22 - Vaudeville actress Lillian Russell makes her debut at Tony Pastor's Theatre in New York City.
  • December 20 - First Boer War: The Action at Bronkhorstspruit results in a Boer victory over the British.
  • December 30 - The Transvaal becomes a republic and Paul Kruger becomes its first president.


  • Piezoelectricity is discovered by Pierre Curie and Jacques Curie.
  • Cologne Cathedral is completed, after construction began in 1248, 632 years earlier.
  • The journal Science is founded by Thomas Edison.
  • Cocaine is isolated.
  • The Capuchin catacombs of Palermo are officially closed (there will be some burials afterwards).
  • The Department of Scientific Temperance Instruction of the Women's Christian Temperance Union is established.
  • Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza signs a treaty of protection with the chief on the large Teke tribe and begins to establish a French protectorate on the north bank of the Congo River.
  • Aceh War (1873-1904)
  • War of the Pacific (1879-1884)
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January 3, 1888: First wax drinking straw patented, by Marvin C Stone in Washington DC

January 5, 1888: Dutch Heidemaatschappij established

January 7, 1888: Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Valley of Fear" (BG)

January 13, 1888: National Geographic Society founded (Washington, DC)

January 27, 1888: National Geographic Society organizes (Wash DC)

January 30, 1888: Harry Moses 297 not out for NSW against Victoria

February 22, 1888: John Reid of Scotland demonstrates golf to Americans (Yonkers NY)

February 27, 1888: Louisville, Ky becomes 1st govt in US to adopt Australian ballot

February 28, 1888: Ferry in San Pablo Bay explodes

February 28, 1888: Vincent d'Indy's Wallenstein-trilogy, premieres

March 2, 1888: The Convention of Constantinople is signed, guaranteeing free maritime passage through the Suez Canal during war and peace.

March 10, 1888: First performance of Caesar Franck's "Psyche"

March 10, 1888: HW Boxing champ John L Sullivan draws Charlie Mitchell in 30 rounds

March 11, 1888: Great blizzard of '88 strikes NE US

March 12, 1888: Second day of the Great blizzard of '88 in NE US (400 die)

March 13, 1888: Great Blizzard of 1888 rages

March 14, 1888: Second largest snowfall in NYC history (21")

March 20, 1888: Start of the Sherlock Holmes Adventure, "A Scandal in Bohemia"

March 20, 1888: The premiere of the very first Romani language operetta was staged in Moscow, Russia.

March 21, 1888: Arthur Pinero's "Sweet Lavender," premieres in London

March 22, 1888: English Football League established

March 25, 1888: Socialist leader Domela Nieuwenhuis elected to Dutch 2nd chamber

April 1, 1888: Soccer team Sparta forms in Rotterdam

April 7, 1888: Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Yellow Face" (BG)

April 11, 1888: The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is inaugurated.

April 16, 1888: Drentse & Friese peat cutters go on strike

April 20, 1888: 246 reported killed by hail in Moradabad, India

April 24, 1888: Eastman Kodak forms

April 29, 1888: Old Kavallison, Congo: Stanley meet Emin Pasha

April 30, 1888: Hail stones kill about 250 in Moradabad district of Delhi

May 4, 1888: Italy & Spain sign military covenant

May 7, 1888: Edouard Lalo's opera "Le roi d'Ys," premieres in Paris

May 7, 1888: George Eastman patents "Kodak box camera"

May 11, 1888: 16th Preakness: F Littlefield aboard Refund wins in 2:49

May 12, 1888: Crouching start first used by Charles Sherrill of Yale

May 13, 1888: DeWolf Hooper first recited "Casey at Bat"

May 13, 1888: Princess Isabel of Brazil signs "Lei Auréa" abolishing slavery

May 14, 1888: 14th Kentucky Derby: George Covington aboard MacBeth II wins in 2:38.00

May 16, 1888: CPR opens Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

May 22, 1888: Leroy Buffington patents a system to build skyscrapers

June 1, 1888: California gets its first seismograph

June 3, 1888: "Casey at the Bat" published (SF Examiner)

June 5, 1888: Democrats nominate Grover Cleveland for president

June 5, 1888: The Rio de la Plata Earthquake takes place.

June 9, 1888: 22nd Belmont: Jim McLaughlin aboard Sir Dixon wins in 2:40.25

June 13, 1888: Congress creates Department of Labor

June 15, 1888: Wilhelm II becomes emperor of Germany

June 20, 1888: Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Libertas

June 23, 1888: Frederick Douglass is 1st African-American nominated for president

June 25, 1888: Republican Convention, in Chicago, nominates Benjamin Harrison

June 29, 1888: First (known) recording of classical music made, Handel's Israel in Egypt on wax cylinder.

July 3, 1888: NY Giant pitcher Rube Marquard ties record of 19 game win-streak

July 4, 1888: First organized rodeo competition held, Prescott, Ariz

July 11, 1888: 118°F (48°C), Bennett, Colorado (state record)

July 11, 1888: Pennsylvania's Monongehela River rises 32' after 24 hour rainfall

July 15, 1888: Bandai volcano (Japan) erupts for 1st time in 1,000 years

July 23: 1888: John Boyd Dunlop, applies to patent pneumatic tire

July 27, 1888: Philip Pratt unveils 1st electric automobile

August 7, 1888: Theophilus Van Kannel of Phila patents revolving door

August 10, 1888: NY Giant pitcher Tim Keefe sets a 19 game win streak record

August 11, 1888: California Theatre closed (now a Pac Tel Phone Store)

August 12, 1888: Bertha, wife of inventor Karl Benz, makes first motor tour

August 19, 1888: First beauty contest (Spa, Belgium), 18 yr old West Indian wins

August 20, 1888: Longest US men's single tournament match Palmer Presbrey defeats T S Tailer, 19-21, 8-6, 6-1, 6-4, an 80-game 1st-round contest

August 21, 1888: William Seward Burroughs patents adding machine

August 25, 1888: 8th US Mens Tennis: Henry W Slocum Jr beats Howard A Taylor (64 61 60)

August 30, 1888: Lord Walsingham kills 1070 grouse in a single day

August 30, 1888: Dutch Railway Deventer-Almelo opens

September 3, 1888: East Africa Company political & commercial rights

September 3, 1888: Queen Victoria grants William Mackinnons Imperial British

September 4, 1888: George Eastman patents 1st roll-film camera & registers "Kodak"

September 6, 1888: Charles Turner becomes the first bowler to take 250 wickets in an English season - a feat since accomplished only by Tom Richardson (twice), J.T. Hearne, Wilfred Rhodes (twice) and Tich Freeman (six times).

September 7, 1888: Edith Eleanor McLean is the first baby place in an incubator

September 8, 1888: In England the first six Football League matches ever are played.

September 11, 1888: Death of the Argentine politician Domingo Sarmiento, after whom the Latin American Teacher's Day is chosen.

September 12, 1888: Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Greek Interpreter" (BG)

September 18, 1888: Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Sign of Four" (BG)

September 19, 1888 World's first beauty contest (Spa Belgium)

September 25, 1888: Royal Court Theatre, London, opens

September 25, 1888: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Hound of Baskervilles" (BG)

September 30, 1888: "Jack the Ripper" butchers two more women, Liz Stride & Kate Eddowes

October 1, 1888: National Geographic magazine publishes for 1st time

October 9, 1888: Washington Monument opens for public admittance

October 10, 1888: Teatotalers excursion train crushed, killing 64 (Mud Run Pa)

October 17, 1888: Thomas Edison files a patent for the Optical Phonograph (the first movie).

October 19, 1888: Moshav Gederah is attacked by Arabs

October 20, 1888: Chicago & All America baseball teams play exhibition in Auckland, NZ

October 23, 1888: Pelham Bay Park in Bronx, vested

October 29, 1888: Lord Salisbury grants Cecil Rhodes charter for BSA Company

October 30, 1888: John J Loud patents ballpoint pen

October 30, 1888: Ndebele-king Lobengula grants Cecil Rhodes, Mashonaland £100 per month

October 31, 1888: John Boyd Dunlop patents pneumatic bicycle tire

November 3, 1888: Amsterdam: 1st concerto of Concert worker, under Willem Kes

November 6, 1888: Benjamin Harrison (R-Sen-Ind) beats Pres Grover Cleveland (D), 233 electoral votes to 168, Cleveland received slightly more popular votes

November 9, 1888: In London, Jack the Ripper murdered his last victim, Mary Jane Kelly.

November 14, 1888: St Andrews Golf Club, Yonkers NY, opens with just 6 holes

November 14, 1888: USC Trojans (then Methodists) play their 1st football game

November 17, 1888: Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony premieres in St Petersburg

November 20, 1888: William Bundy patents timecard clock

December 11, 1888: French Panama Canal company fails

December 18, 1888: Richard Wetherill and his brother in-law discover the ancient Indian ruins of Mesa Verde.

December 19, 1888: Stanley's expedition reaches Fort Bodo, East-Africa

December 22, 1888: Heavyweight boxing champ John L Sullivan challenges Jake Kilrain

December 23, 1888: Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh cuts off his left ear

December 25, 1888: First indoor baseball game played at fairgrounds in Philadelphia

December 30, 1888: Belgium: king Leopold II installs Order of African Star

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One major weather catastrophe in 1888 was the Great Blizzard of that year. Grover Cleveland was nominated by the Democrats for the office of President of the United States.

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French Panama Canal fails

Dutch Railway Deventer-Almelo opens

Congress creates Department of Labor

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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

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