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the end of agriculture and the discovery of coal.

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Q: What events helped build New England's textile industry?
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Which industry helped to start the industrial revolution?

The textile industry.

Who was considered a pioneer in the field of textile technology?

Jedediah Strutt was a pioneer in textile technology. Jedediah was a pioneer in the cotton spinning industry and helped improve the stacking frame in spinning.

Which invention helped the textile industry move from homes to factories?

The invention that helped the textile industry move from homes to factories was the spinning jenny, invented by James Hargreaves in 1764. This machine allowed for multiple spindles of thread to be spun simultaneously, increasing production efficiency and making it more economically viable to have large-scale textile manufacturing in factories.

What was the significance of new machinery the textile industry?

They allowed the improvements of fabrics, thus, increasing the production, making possible the offer of new jobs. The new textile machines, introduced in 1733, in England, gave the industry a new boast and helped the exports in England.

Which industry saw the earliest innovations?

The textile industry saw some of the earliest innovations during the Industrial Revolution, including the development of mechanized spinning and weaving machines. These advancements revolutionized textile production and helped lay the foundation for modern industrial manufacturing processes.

What was an Important New England industry in the 1700s?

Well, according to my textbook, it says that they did ALL of the fishing. Hope this helped! :D

How did the inventions in the textile industry lead to outer inventions?

well,it helped us know about new things like iron,computors,cotton gins,and etc.....

Which group helped to spread the news of englands news policies in the colonies?

Committees of Correspondence.

Which group helped to spread the news of englands new policies in the colonies?

Committees of Correspondence.

How did the textile industry profit from the agricultural revolution?

It profited from the invention of the steel plow. (OW.) The textile industry also profited from the new inventions with their subsequent increase in availability and decrease in the cost of raw materials.

Who is the immigrant from England helped to build a new textile mill in Rhode Island based on the new mills in England?

Samuel Slater is the man who brought textile factories to the New England area in the late 1700's. He was known as the Father of Standard American Revolution, and was responsible for most factory industry in America.

How did inventions like the cotton gin and interchangeable parts revolutionize the textile industry?

The cotton gin helped produce more cotton everyday but also took peoples jobs away.