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i think it is the department of state

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Q: What executive department supervises US ambassadors in foreign countries?
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What executive department supervises the nations natural resources?

Department of the Interior

How are ambassadors chosen?

they are appointed by the president and ratified by the Senate

Does The constitution gives congress the power to recognize other nationsand to accept ambassadors from foreign countries?

Recognition of new foreign countries and governments falls under the purview of the Executive Branch. The Department of State advises the president, and it is the president who has overall responsibility for forming and executing the foreign policy of the US.

What part of the executive branch works with other countries?

The Department of State.

What branch of government can appoint Judes and ambassadors?

executive branch

What is Philippine executive department?

"wHaT iS PhiLiPpiNe ExeCuTive DePartMenT?"_+

Federal judges and executive officers and ambassadors are subject to the confirmation of?

the Senate

What branch can approve appointment of ambassadors?

The President recommends ambassadors and the senate either votes yes or no to approve the nominee.

What is the major department that deals with foreign countries?

The executive department that serves under the President of the United States that carries out foreign policy is the Secretary of State. This individual has the responsibility to advise the president on foreign matters and works with foreign leaders or officials.

Which branch of government receives foreign ambassadors?

The Department of State which is part of the Executive Branch.While State does deal with ambassadors on a regular basis (being the diplomatic department of the Executive Branch), technically, the President himself (or herself) receives foreign ambassadors.This is a formal diplomatic protocol, where the new foreign ambassador meets with the President, and presents his credentials (e.g. his documents showing that he is now the formal representative of his country to the USA). The President accepts those documents, officially recognizing this new appointment. This formal ceremony is only performed upon the first entry of a new ambassador; from then on, communications are through normal channels (usually, but not always, the Dept of State).

What branch recommends the appointment of ambassadors?

The President, who heads the executive branch of the US government, appoints the ambassadors. The Senate must approve his choices.

. Which branch of government is involved when the State Department warns American travelers to avoid dangerous countries?