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this is an in depth question from chapter 11 for ap world history

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not sure what the answer is thats why I came here

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Q: What explanations are most persuasive in terms of historical sensitivity and contemporary standards?
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What do you do when elaborating a persuasive essay?

When elaborating a persuasive essay, you should provide detailed explanations, examples, and evidence to support your argument. Use logical reasoning and persuasive language to convince your audience of your viewpoint. Make sure to address counterarguments and refute them effectively.

Why did Machiavelli use historical events rather than imagery?

Machiavelli used historical events in "The Prince" to provide concrete examples of principles and strategies in action. History provided real-world scenarios that could be analyzed and applied to contemporary political situations, offering practical advice based on actual events rather than abstract imagery. By grounding his arguments in historical contexts, Machiavelli aimed to make his advice more credible and persuasive to his readers.

Is the writer's intention to inform or advertise?

The writer's intention is to inform when providing facts, details, or explanations. On the other hand, the intention is to advertise when promoting a product, service, or idea in a persuasive manner.

Is a textbook a descriptive persuasive narrative or expository?

A textbook is typically expository, as its main purpose is to provide factual information and explanations on a particular subject. It presents information in a straightforward manner without attempting to persuade or entertain.

What is the prefix of persuasive?


What is rhetorical explanations?

A rhetorical explanation contains an opinion. Rhetorical explanations are told to others in hopes of changing the opinion of the listener.

How do you spell persuasive?

That is the correct spelling of "persuasive."

Who is persuasive man?

The persuasive man is Jerry L. he gave me persuasive essay due Tuesday.

Which best compares an explanation and an argument?

An explanation is informative, while an argument is persuasive.

Persuasive in a sentence?

Your persuasive argument seemed well-researched and compelling.

What are the example of persuasive speech?

As a kind of written or oral public discourse that seeks to persuade an audience to do or believe (etc.) something, 'persuasive speech' examples abound in the contemporary world. Almost daily, persuasive speeches appear in newspapers and on television shows as 'ed/op' pieces. Numerous examples of amateur and professional persuasion-talks can be located online. Famous examples from marvelous public-speakers in the recent or distant past are to be found in anthologies available online and in bookstores.

What is the verb form of persuasive?

The verb form of persuasive is persuade. As in "to persuade someone".