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Economy, type of government, and the type of person that is being corrupted. Feel free to add to this if you like.

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Q: What factors do you think allows some time periods to have greater political corruption than other time periods?
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What are reasons for instability in Latin America?

Some reasons for instability in Latin America include political corruption, economic inequality, social unrest, weak institutions, drug trafficking, and historical legacies of colonialism and dictatorships. These factors often contribute to political and social tensions, leading to periods of instability in the region.

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Ivory Coast has experienced periods of political instability since gaining independence in 1960. Various factors such as ethnic divisions, economic inequality, and power struggles have contributed to this instability. However, the country has also seen periods of relative peace and stability.

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Why were the two political parties in the Gillded Age so conservative?

The years preceding the Gilded Age were rampant with government corruption (See: Ulysses S. Grant) Conservatism aims to minimize government and has historically been most prominent following periods when the government effectively fails its people. (Like the start of the civil war)

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What are periods of political stability called?

There is no intention here to be humorous here, however, the question has the answer to it within it. Political stability are periods of exactly that. Another way to say this is that a politically stable stable society generally is economically healthy and the citizens of the society believe they are fairly treated by their government and by their peers.