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Thomas Jefferson, anyone who signed the declaration of independance.

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Q: What famous people influenced the form a democratic government?
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Who has the power in a democratic government?

The people have the power in the democratic government.

What is a democratic government?

A government which is made by people is called democratic government.A government that is selected, implemented, and constrained by the people.

What people influenced James K. Polk?

The democratic party

What kind of government is of the people by the people for the people?

Democratic government.

What is democratic?

Democratic is a form of government by the people and for the people.

Why does a democratic government exist?

a democratic government exists for the people of the united states and everyone involved in one

What is a government where people can have a say in the way the government works called?

A democratic government.

What element is essential to a democratic government?


What is the purpose of democratic government?

it help people

The purpose of government in the us is to?

well the purpose of a democratic government is ti represent the people and make the best decision for the people. I'm guessing by saying us you mean the United States of America and the US government is democratic.

What system allows a government to use only the powers given to it by the people.?

The democratic system is the type of system that allows a government to use power given to it by the people. In a democratic type of government its the people who elect their leaders.

What is the definition of a democratic reformer?

A democratic reformer is an activist or politician who seeks to institute democratic principles in a government. They may work for free elections or fair representation of people in government, for example.