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Okay if your homework is on geography or history, then, wiki answers wont have it.

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Q: What features of the new constitution doubly protect the rights of the people?
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What idea and features are found in US Constitution?

The US Constitution idea was to revise the Articles of Confederation by the government leaders. The features found in the US Constitution outline freedoms and rights of the people. The ideas and features were written to make the government more powerful by the people.

How did the Soviet Union's written constitution fail to protect it's people's rights?

It wasn't the constitution that failed to protect rights, it's the fact that the government was never based on the constitution and didn't follow it.

How did the constitution protect the American people?

The Eye of The Tiger The Eye of The Tiger

What is the main goals of the Constitution as stated in the Preamble?

To protect the people's rights.

What is main goal of the Constitution as stated in the Preamble?

To protect the people's rights.

What is the main goal of the constitution as state in the preamble?

To protect the people's rights.

What does the President promise to do in his oath of office?

He promises to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Why was Malaya constitution formed?

because to protect the special rights of Malay people

Does the constitution protect citizens or all people living in Venezuela?

the answer is i need your help

What two groups of people don't the constitution protect?

women and blacks.....i think

Why do people take an oath to support the constitution?

The Constitution protects us, so as long as political office holders protect the Constitution, we're OK.

How does the constitution protect people from xenophobia?

The constitution protects against xenophobia by guaranteeing equal rights to all people in the United States, regardless of country of origin.