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when the french sailed to the coast and prevented British ships from entering Chesapeake bay. Which then British surrendered

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What finally won the war for the Americans

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Q: What finally won the war for the Americans?
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Have the British ever won a war?

Shortly after the Americans were kicked out of Vietnam, the British won the Falklands War.

How the allies finally won the war in Asia?

They finally won by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons.

Who won the battle between the Japanese and the Americans during world war 2?

The Americans won.

Who won the revolutioary war?

The Americans won the war, so that's why we got independence

Who Won the Battle of Montreal in the Revolutionary War?

The Americans won

What lessons did Americans draw from the war?

the u.s won the war

Who won the war of fort mchenry?

the Americans

Who won the battle of sarwatoga?

Americans forces won and ended the war.

Who actually won The Revolution war between the British and the US?

The americans won

What were the results of the revalutionary war?

the AMERICANS WON if you know that

What was one outcome of war 2?

The Americans won

Who won the revolutionary war battle of Wilmington?

The Americans.