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China, Russia, Germany, Zimbabwe, and Japan

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Q: What five countries use different governments?
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Did the Roman empire use different governments for the countries the conquerd?

No, the Romans used Roman law and governed according to Roman custom. That's why it's called an empire.

What Two countries whose governments have banned the use of Facebook by their citizens?

syria is one of them

What are five countrys that use anarchy?

There aren't any countries who are deliberately using anarchy. However there are a few whose governments are so weak that they can reasonably be said to exist in a state of anarchy. Somalia would be one example.

Why would governments provide multinational corporations with incentives to undertake foreign direct investment in their countries?

What incentives does governments' use to attract investors to investing in their country..???

Why did Asia government use properganda?

Asia is a continent with many countries and governments. You need to be more specific

What five countries use free market economy system?

There are several countries that use a free market economy system. The following list contains five of these countries, Brazil, Peru, India, the United Kingdom, and Kenya.

How many countries today practice communism?

As of 2013, there are five countries which use Communism as their form of government. The countries are North Korea, Laos, Cuba, China, and Vietnam. During the times of the Solviet Union, there were many more countries.

What did the equal protections clause apply to?

widespread use by the Civil Rights Movement in the court pathway How Governments treated citizens of different races(:

Which five countries would round out the top fifteen most countries for 2002?

it has to do with, logic, don't use this site

Is Celsius hot?

Celsius is a unit of temperature measurement used in the metric system. It does not refer to a physical object, so it is not hot. The temperature measured in Celsius can be hot or cold depending on the value.

How do different countries use maths?

They all use it in the same way.

Why in some other countries there is a different year?

Because they use a different calendar.