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Q: What foreign troops helped defeat British forces at Yorktown?
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How was the battle of Yorktown famous?

The Battle of Yorktown (or Siege of Yorktown) was the last major land battle of the American War Of Independence. The combinded American forces of General George Washington and French forces of General Comte de Rochambeau were victorious over British forces led by General Lord Cornwallis. The defeat prompted the British government to negotiate an end to the conflict.

How did the french help Washington defeat the british at Yorktown?

The French sent a fleet to keep the British forces under Lord Cornwallis from receiving supplies, so eventually he had to surrender.

What ended the battle of Yorktown?

The British surrendering at Yorktown ended the fighting between the British and Revolutionary forces in America.

Where did the British general Cornwallis surrender to American forces leading to the end of the American revolutionary war?

At the Battle of Yorktown.

What does the battle of Yorktown have to do with the revolutionary war?

Yorktown was the final battle between the colonists and the British. The British lost at Yorktown and were forced to flee the land giving the colonists their independence

How did American and french forces defeated the british army at Yorktown?

by walking

What is the American revolution ended when George Washington forced the surrender of the British at?

British General Lord Cornwallis surrendered his forces to George Washington in Yorktown in 1781. Yorktown is located in Virginia.

Who won the battle of Yorktown the French or British?

Americans and french won the battle of Yorktown

Where did the American and French forces trap General Cornwallis and his British army?

Cornwallis and his forces were on a peninsula at Yorktown.

What battle led to the surrender of the British?

The siege of Yorktown led the British forces to surrender to the american and french forces in the american revolutionary war.

What is the name of the British commander who surrendered his forces at Yorktown Virginia in 1781?


Was lord Cornwallis a patriot or a loyalist?

He was a British Army's General and the Commander of the British forces at the battle of Yorktown.