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Absolute Monarchy.

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Q: What form of government on the political power spectrum is the most authoritarian?
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Which form of government on the political power spectrum is the most authoritarian?

absolute monarchyAbsolute Monarchy (NovaNet)

Which form of government on the political power is the most authoritarian?

absolute monarchy {novanet}

authoritarian government ?

a government controlled by a individual or small group with absolute political power . there are no restrictions on the rulers or rulers' power.

Which form of government on the political power spectrum is the most egalitarian?

Representative democracy

Where does the political and economic power lie in authoritarian government?

In one person like a dictator. (requires strict obedience to an autority-dictator)

Is dictatorship a limited or unlimited government?

Fascism is a political ideology rather than a government. It promotes nationalistic viewpoints and where fascists obtain power in government, the result is usually an authoritarian government with an aim to reach unlimited power.

Which statement describes a difference between authoritarian government and constitutional government?

in an authoritarian government, the leaders of the government have absolute power.

What authoritarian forms of government is not true?

It is not true that authoritarian forms of government prioritize the freedom and rights of their citizens. Authoritarian governments are characterized by the concentration of power in a single leader or small group, limited political and civil liberties, and lack of political pluralism. These governments often suppress dissent, control the media, and strongly enforce obedience to the ruling authority.

Is Totalitarianism a form of authoritarian Government?

yes totalitarianism is a form of authoritarian government,because it involve absolute power and authority without caring the which of people.

The type of government in which all the power is in hands of one person or group is called?

totalitarian authoritarian dictatorship

On the political power spectrum you move from authoritarianism to what?


Who holds the power in an authoritarian government?

the government holds the power; not the people