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steam engines were improved

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Q: What forms of transportation were improved or invented at this time?
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Who invented the transportation?

Nobody invented the general idea of transportation. People have been walking since the beginning of time as a form of transportation.

Who was the discover of clutches?

They weren't discovered. They were invented and modified and improved as time went by.

What car was invented in 1750?

There was not a car that was invented in 1750. The automobile was not in existence during this time and the major means of transportation were carriages and horses.

What was the tocobagas transportation?

i think they went on boats because buses and cars and vehicles weren't invented that time

How did Charles Goodyear change the world?

he invented a transportation method that saved people time and to travel even over seas .

How history world trade has changed over time due to changes in tech?

As technology improved - especially in areas such as transportation - more cultures were able to meet and share their various forms of technology and items for trade (different foods, metals, materials, spices) all of which improved financial means for all involved. Some cultures also were able to take items that they purchased in trade and exchanged them for other items that were needed.

How did better transportation affect western expansion?

Improved transportation eased the time it took to send both people and needed supplies (food, clothing, building materials) out west and to bring back western products (gold, beef cattle, furs).

The adoption of a standard gauge for railway tracks improved rail transportation by?

making it unnecessary for passengers and freight to be transferred from train to train each time they reached a different line.

What was the name of a one time actor what invented the sewing machine?

Isaac Singer (actor ,inventor) improved the design of the sewing machine, but he didn't invent it.

What type of transportation was there before railroads?

In 3500 BC wheels on carts were invented, and the first wheeled vehicle ever was produced. As well river boats with oars were invented in 3500 BC. In 2000 BC Horses were being domesticated and used as a means of transportation. In 1620 the first submarine was invented, although I would not call that a means of transportation at that time. 1662 brought the first public transportation, this horse drawn vehicle even charged fares to ride! The hot air balloon was invented in 1783. 1787 brought us the first steam boat, they had been discovered previously but not quite. Bicycles were invented in 1790, still a popular means of transportation to this very day! Shortly after in the early 1800's is when the railroads came about.

What forms of transportation did Michael Jackson have?

Michael was able to drive but was driven around in limos most of the time. He also rode on planes even though he was terrified of them.

How have satellite changed over time?

More technology has been invented and improved. With the satellites today, they are very high-tech. From the Sputnik to the spy and communication satellites you can see the difference. Basically, the technology has improved and more high-tech equipment also.