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Gee, hmmm, that's hard to say. I mean there are so many choices on your list.

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Q: What fostered cooperation between the great powers?
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What factors fostered cooperation between the great powers?

The United Nations

What principle guide the organization of the united nations?

Cooperation among the great powers rather than equality among all nations.

What has the author Benjamin Miller written?

Benjamin Miller has written: 'When opponents cooperate' -- subject(s): International cooperation, International relations, Great powers

What principle of foreign policy led to the creation othe united nations?

cooperation among the great powers rather than equality among all nations

Cooperation between Canada and US?

There working together to stop the air and water pollition in the Great Lakes

Why did the war of 1812 lead to an increasing pattern of diplomatic cooperation between the US and Great Britain?

In order to keep from going back to war, the US and Great Britain had to get along. So, this increased the cooperation between the two countries, since they did not want to go back to war.

Why was there rivalry between the great powers?


How did the colonial problems create tension between great powers?

Very far.

What happened after the alliances between the Great Powers in the lead up to world war 1?

In great Britain the alliances were to agree of support between countries

What is regional cooperation?

work between large, and often separated, groups of people, especially those divided internationally. It involves working together with others, especially on the grandest scales. On a worldwide scale, the United Nations is a great example of regional cooperation.

Why is the security council so important?

Its includes all great powers

Term used to describe the division of powers between the national and the state governments?

great compromise