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Q: What framers of the US Constitution lived during the historical era called of what age?
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What issue divides the framers into two parties during the debate over the constitution?

The issue of separation of powers is what divided the two parties during the debate over the constitution.

What did the 1st amendment reveal about the attitude toward freedom held by the framers of the US Constitution?

The Framers of American Constitution were visionaries. They did design the Constitution to endure. They not only addressed the specific challenges facing the nation during their lifetimes, but also established the foundational principles that would sustain and also guide the new nation into an uncertain future.

What limit did the framers of the constitution place specifically on the department of defense?

The framers of the constitution did not explicitly place a limit on the Department of Defense, as it did not exist in its current form during their time. However, they did establish checks and balances within the government to prevent the concentration of power, which indirectly applies to all branches, including the Department of Defense. Additionally, the constitution outlines the power of Congress to declare war and appropriate funds for defense, giving some control over the department.

Did the constitutional framers ever change their minds from their original views during or after the constitutional convention debates If so does anyone know an example?

Of or relating to the constitution of body or mind

Why was the continental constitution called in the Revolutionary War?

The original constitution used during the Revolutionary War was called the Articles of Confederation.

Why were the Framers of the US Constitution comfortable with designating the president to be the commander in chief during a war?

The Framers of the US Constitution were comfortable with having a president act as the commander in chief once a war began. They were comfortable with this system in that having a civilian control the armed forces during a war, any misuse of power could be "fixed" in that the president would have to run for office again. Any abuses of power could be corrected at the ballot box.

Called for prayer during the constitution convention?

Benjamin Franklin

Which principle included in the US Constitution shows that the farmers agreed with Montesquieu?

Montesquieu supported the principle of equality among all men. He propagated this principle during the French Revolution. The framers included this principle in the US Constitution, stating that all men are created equal.Ê

What was the historical time period in which Shakespeare live called?

He lived during the Renaissance period.

How did Montesquieu impact science or government during his time period and in the future?

His greatest work, "L'Esprit des lois" or "The Spirit of the Laws" was the single most influential work for the framers of the US Constitution (except for the Bible)

What historical events happened during John Locke's time of living?

one of the events were signing the constitution I do not have an account so call me ultimate wings

How has American constitution been able to change during the years?

yes they are called ammendments