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Q: What framework did American government institutions and its political system developed within?
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What is the study of the processes and principles of government and political institutions?

political science, political philosophy

Which institutions developed outside the limits of the written constitution of the US?

Political Parties.

What are the three types of institutions?

The three types of institutions are economic institutions (such as banks and corporations), social institutions (such as family and education systems), and political institutions (such as government and legal systems).

How do political parties connect to the people and the government?

Political parties are the principle means by which the will of the people is made known to the government.

What is the role of government in international political risk?

The role of the government in international political risk is to provide the framework that will allow people take non-business risk in a given country.

What political movement developed into form of government with dictatorship?


The first American political parties developed out of what primarily?

The first American political parties developed primarily out differences in policies on the economy and the size of government. There were divisions between citizens who wanted a big government, and those who wanted limited government.

What are some examples of linkage institutions?

Some examples of linkage institutions are:political partiesinterest groupsmediaelectionsa political partyThe media, political parties, locally elected members of government, lobby groups, elections, etc.

How did colonists in New York and New Jersey take part in government?

New Jersey developed representative political institutions with a proprietary governor and an elected assembly.

Why are political institutions important?

Political institutions are mandatory because:Man is a political animal, lives in society which works on the principles of conflict and cooperation,Political institutions are safeguards of our rights, freedom and libertyThese provide solutions to the problems that emanate from political struggles

What is the subject matter of political economy?

Political economy studies political processes through the application of rational choice theory and economic methods. It understands the world using a primarily individual, self-maximising framework and focuses heavily on political institutions and their effect on economic outcomes.

What is make up government?

A form of government, or form of state governance, refers to the set of political systems and institutions that make up the organisation of a specific government.