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medium of exchange

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Q: What function of money allows freedom of choice?
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How does the concept of capabilities to function help us gain insight into development goals and achievements?

I would like to explain this answer with an example. Suppose that a person has a bike and does not know how to drive it. its means his functions abilities are very low. Amartiya Sen wants to tell us that we should use the commodities by knowing all the functions related to it.As Amartya Sen said, "Economic growth cannot be sensibly treated as an end in itself. Development has to be more concerned with enhancing the lives we lead and the freedom we enjoy. and in the next question, money is really not enough. Freedom and self-esteem and equality to lead life and enjoy life and use the life in the best way is also a part of development. Money is enough only to enhance the freedom of choice but not the development. In development, your function abilities should be increases as much as possible.

What are two primary functions of business?

The main function of a business is to make money for their stockholders. Another function of a business is to sell quality products to customers.

On what grounds are issue-advocacy ads paid for with soft money protected by the Constitution?

the 1st amendment (right to freedom of speech)

What is the function of party workers in a political party?

The chief function of political party workers is to get people to vote for their candidate. This is primarily accomplished by distributing campaign literature, making phone calls that raise awareness of the candidate (or bad-mouth the opponent), and raising money,

Did American slaves retire?

no they could only either escape or actually buy themselves for freedom. Many attempt to escape and many fail. Others dont have enough patience to wait for the money to come to them. SOme slaves werent even paid.

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The function of money allows freedom of choice?

The function of money allows freedom of choice because money opens many opportunities. Without money, you cannot purchase necessary tools for what you hope to achieve.

What function of money allows freedom of choice.?

medium of exchange

This function allows money freedom of choice?

medium of exchange

What is the function of credit?

It allows you to buy things with future money (money you haven't got yet), AND it allows the lender to make money from your impatience. (a LOT of money).

What functon of money allows the monetary unit of a country to serve as a unit in which the value of all goods and services can be measured?

Money as a measure of value is the function of money.

What is the function of ATM?

The ATM allows an operate to withdraw money from their account without actually going to their bank.

This function of money allows the monetary unit of a country to serve as a unit in which the value of all goods and services can be measured.?

standard of valueThe function of money as a measure of value.

Would make a Patriot soldier keep fighting even under terrible conditions like the ones they faced when crossing the Delaware?

money, and the speech, (these are the times that try men's souls)

Discuss the function of money?

Discuss the function of money

How to Send money from Remit choice website?

Once I have to transfer money to my fellow who lived in Ghana. He needs money instantly then someone told me about Remit Choice Money Transfer. Remit choice Money Transfer is an instant money transfer company. You can send money using the Remit Choice website.

If money is the devil then what's God?

Freedom, freedom from taxes, freedom from the government, and religion.

What WERE THE ENSLAVE given guns money land freedom?