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it has a lot of water around it

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Q: What geographical advantages does the Italian landscape have over the Greek landscape?
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What geographical advantage does the Italian landscape have over the Greek landscape?

Italy is northwest, mostly west, of Greece.

What geographical advantage does the ltalain landscape have over the Greek landscpe?

The Italian landscape is geographically advantageous over the Greek landscape because Italy has more fertile soil and a larger land area suitable for agriculture. Additionally, Italy has a more temperate climate that is conducive to a wider variety of crops.

What is the main difference between greek and Italian landscape?

The main difference between Greek and Italian landscape is the topography. Greek landscape is characterized by rugged mountains and numerous islands, while Italian landscape features a diverse mix of mountains, rolling hills, and coastal plains. Additionally, Italy has a more varied climate compared to the predominantly Mediterranean climate of Greece.

Is the word landscape a french spanish dutch Italian or greek word?

It's of Dutch origin; from the Middle Dutch word landscap.

Why were northern artists more interested in landscape than their Italian counterparts?

Northern Renaissance artists were more concerned with everyday human life and what they saw from day to day. Italian artists were more interested in re-creating Greek and Roman art. (:

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No, Chris Christie is not Greek. He is of Italian descent.

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Stephanie is a greek name..not italian. Stephanie means " crown garland " in greek.

Is James Darren of Greek descent?

No, James Darren is not of Greek descent. He is of Italian descent.

Is the word antique greek?

Greek,french Spanish,italian

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What languages are spoken in constantinople?

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Marazzi is an Italian surname. It is common in Italy and is of Italian origin.