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It was to gain theyre rights back from english/ british men. the movement became more popular and many saw the dream of liberty and that thye need to fight in order to win.

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Q: What goal was held by the majority of patriots at the beginning of Revolutionary War?
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What were the causes and outcomes of the battles at Lexington and Concord?

During the American Revolutionary Period, actions by both the American Patriots and the British authorities contributed to the confrontations that occurred at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. On the British side, the aggressive march into the Massachusetts countryside, with the goal of searching for and destroying hidden arms along with orders to arrest key revolutionary leaders, was a primary cause of the confrontations. On the Patriot side, defiant unwillingness to stand aside or watch passively as the British aggression occurred, not to overlook their prior storing of arms in countryside hiding-places, was yet another primary cause of the 'shot heard around the world' that was fired that day.

What two groups had opposite views about colonial independence?

Independence for the 13 British colonies in America was not a goal shared by all of its citizens. The group who wanted to stay part of the British empire were called loyalists, meaning they wanted to remain loyal to Great Britain. On the other hand, the people who desired independence were often called patriots. Meaning patriotic to the idea of independence.

What was the unstated goal of the Wilmot Proviso?

What was the unstated goal of the Wilmot Proviso?

What was the goal of the Anti suffrage movement?

Its goal was to keep women from having the right to vote.

What was the goal of the mass levy of 1793?

the goal of the mass levy is to prepared for all out war

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What was the primary goal of the American Revolutionary?

To be free from England.

What is the goal of Chechnyan nationalists?

The primary goal of Chechnya's revolutionary group is to gain independence for the Russian Federation.

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What was president's Lincoln main goal at the beginning of the civil war?

His goal was to preserve the Union.

What was the goal of the British when the revolutionary war shifted to the southern states?

To win the help with Loyalists

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What was the goal of groups such as the Moral Majority?

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What was goal of the British when the Revolutionary War shifted to the southern states?

With the help of Loyalists

What was the main goal of the north before the civil war?

There main goal in the beginning was not to end slavery but to reunite as one country.

What was the goal of both Germany and japan at the beginning of ww2?

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