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The history of Europeans performing slave trade activities last many centuries. During this period, tribal Chieftains and other Africans often took manufactured goods from Europeans in exchange for slaves. Often gold and silver were also precious metals used to buy slaves. Some slaves, however, were actually kidnapped. There is no precise record of what was bartered or funds paid to obtain slaves.

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Q: What goods did europeans change for slaves?
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What goods did the europeans want to buy or take from ghana?

slaves, gold and ivory.

How did the slave trade change after Europeans arrived in Africa?

The Europeans took over all of the slaves and made the romans slaves and they were all stooped

What country did the highly prized luxury goods of medieval europeans?

Ivory, gold, salt, slaves.

What would Europeans trade for slaves?

European goods were firearms, iron , horses, cloth and tobacco. And with these goods, african kingdoms began to spread their influence to others and expand.

How did the west African influence Europe?

The Europeans did not get their slaves The Europeans did not get their slaves

When did slaves stop being kidnapped from Africa?

Slaves were not "kidnapped" from Africa (t least not by Europeans). Warring tribes in Africa would capture prisoners from defeated tribes and they sold those prisoners to Europeans in exchange for weapons and other manufactured goods.

Europeans used slaves to?

Europeans used slaves to develop land as laborers.

What did Europeans trade slaves for?

The Europeans Exchanged new technology such as guns for slaves.

How were the west African kingdoms involved in the slaves trade?

the kings in African kingdoms were lured by Europeans with gifts such as manufactured goods and money and in return they allowed other Africans to be exported as slaves

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