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dept. of information

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Q: What government agency approves final rules released in the federal register?
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What government agency approves final rules in the federal register?

dept. of information

Who proposes the budget and who approves the budget for the federal government?

The President proposes and the senate approves federal budgets.

Who approves law?

In the federal government, the President has the power to approve or veto a law.

How does the United States government utilize the Federal Register?

The Federal Register is used to record daily occurrences within the federal government. It outlines both proposed and final regulations of federal agencies.

In a federal government of US which house of Congress approves the appointments to the Supreme Court?


In a federal government of the united States Which house of congress approves the appointments of the supreme Court?


What is the senate check on appointments of federal judges?

The Senate has no check on the appointments of federal judges.

What government publication is the primary source for locatingOHSA standards?

The federal register

Who approves federal treaties?


Who approves the federal budget?

The senate approves federal budgets. The House doesn't have this power, only the senate. Hope it helps!

What branch of government approves treaties with other nations?

The only branch of the United States Federal Government that can enter into treaties with other sovereign nations is the legislative branch.

Who approves federal court nominations?