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Q: What government agency regulates the airwaves in the US?
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What is the name of the government agency that regulates the airwaves in the US is called?


What government agency regulates nuclear power plants?

The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) regulates nuclear power plants in the US.

What agency of the US government regulates labor relations in the airline industry?

THE NLRB --National Labor Relations BoardAdded: The NLRB regulates labor laws in allindustries.

What is the of the government agency that polices public airwaves?

In the US it is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In Canada, it is the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. In England, it is OfCom (Office of Communications).

Which federal US agency regulates the proper use of pesticides?


Who regulates the US money?


What legal or government entity regulates auctioneers in the US?

There is nolegal or government entity that regulates auctioneers in the US, but laws and regulations formulated by states.

Which agency regulates prescription and over-the-counter medications in the US?


What federal agency regulates pharmaceuticals in the us?

The FDA -- Food and Drug Administration

The agency that regulates safety in the workplace is?

OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (for US)

Which of these agencies regulates all waterborne foreign or domestic offshore commerce of the US?

The Federal Maritime Commission is the agency that regulates all waterborne foreign or domestic offshore commerce in the US. The agency is based in Washington, DC.

The US agency that regulates hazardous waste management from the time of generation through transportation treatment storage and disposal is the?

EPA- Environmental Protection Agency