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The Prime Minister of Canada and his family.

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Q: What government official lives at 24 Sussex Drive Ottawa?
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Was government to blame for the stock market crash?

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What are 3 things the government controls?

The local government have 3 primary control over a local government: 1. assessment and collection of tax (esp on real estate properties) and formulation of local budget for proper disbursing of revenues collected 2. make and amend local law,policies and regulation 3. overall control of the local government unit

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That depends on the government, whether it is state or national (or local).Some public facilities often provided by governments are:Health Care: Different governments get into this at different levels, but there is usually a Center of Disease Control to help solve massive health crisis situations, even when there aren't government-run hospitals or other facilities.Banking Facilities: Depending on the government, there could be governmental control of banking in general, or banking insurance, or loans to help with housing costs, etc.Built up roads & highways: Government maintained roads (or government funding for the same) help people be able to drive across a country rather than running into an area that hasn't chosen to maintain the roads.Law & order : A legal system and method of enforcement to help keep the populous safe and enforce laws.Public transportationEducationDigital services: internet, telephone, or television regulationFood regulations, etc.

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Where does the Prime Minister of Canada live in Ottawa?

The official residence of a Canadian prime minister is 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa.

Where the pm lives?

The Prime Minister of a country typically lives in an official residence designated for the head of government, such as 10 Downing Street in the United Kingdom or the White House in the United States. These residences are equipped with security measures and facilities needed for conducting official duties.

Who lives at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa?

Stephen Harper

What city does Stephen Harper live in?

Stephen Harper resides in the house reserved for the Prime Minister. 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.alberta

What is the prime minister of Canada white house?

The Prime Minister resides at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

Where was sir john a MacDonald's place of residence?

24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa.

Where do the government Stephen Harper live?

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper P.C., M.P. (Calgary-Southwest) is currently the Canadian prime minister and, therefore, resides at the official residence of the prime minister at 24 Sussex Drive, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Where does Canada's leader live?

The Prime Minister lives at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Ontario.

Where does the prminister of Canada live?

parliament house of commons senate

Where is Stephen Harper's office?

24 Sussex DriveAs the current prime minister, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper stays at 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of the Canadian head of Government. The residence is located across the street from Rideau Hall, the official residence of the Governor General of Canada (the Queen's representative). 24 Sussex Drive is used as a personal residence for the prime minister and family, and is not the site of any beaurocratic functions of the Government of Canada.Harrington LakeThe prime minister can also stay at Harrington Lake, at Gatineau Park, the official retreat home of the Canadian prime minister. It is a private retreat for the prime minister and family, and is not used for official Government business.

Who lives at 24 sussex drive?

it's the official Residence of The Prime Minister of Canada

Where is the Royal Canadian mint Located?

Two locations: 320 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 520 Lagimodiere Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada