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New Hampshire was the first colony to declare its independence from Great Britain and to establish its own government (Jan. 1776 New Hampshire became the ninth colony to separate from Britain The government of new Hampshire is a democratic republic form of state government similar to the united states.

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It's goverment was horrible and did not work well.

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Q: What government was there in 1600 in New Hampshire?
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What is New Hampshire's type of government?

New Hampshire's government type is Self-Government.

In 1600-1775 how were the governors of New Hampshire chosen?

by the king

Events in New Hampshire in 1600?

thay sent troops out for the cold war.

What was the population of New Hampshire in the 1600's?

The population was 25.5 thousand people.

What was the government on New Hampshire In 1638?

the government

What is the distance from New Boston to Houston?

New Boston New Hampshire to Houston is 1600 Miles.There are other New Bostons.

What was the New Hampshire system of government?


What kind of people were in New Hampshire colonial times?

there were mostly farmers but there also was shipbuilders if you want to know more ask what kind of jobs were there in new Hampshire 1600

What types of government did New Hampshire have?


What was the government like in the New Hampshire Colony?


Was the government of New Hampshire democratic?


Was there a local government in the New Hampshire colony?

New Hampshire was a proprietary state but there was a local government in place. This government system included a governor, advisers to the governor, and a representative assembly.