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The Puritans

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Q: What group did not believe that the Church should have political influence?
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What is the term for keeping separation of church and state?

I believe that is the term - "Separation of Church and State".

What factors should not influence Justices when they decide a case?

US Supreme Court Justices should not be influenced by Political pressure, popular opinion, or their own biases. They should only compare the case in the light of the US Constitution.

What happened to the influence of the church as a result of the enlightenment?

According to Enlightenment ideas people should act according to Reason and not hold convictions just because someone else (such as the Church) told them what to think. So Church influence certainly diminished among Enlightenment thinkers. But this was only a thin upper crust of people among the masses of people that held the Catholic faith. Among those masses Church influence remained almost undiminished and only in the 1960's and later, Catholics really started to follow their own judgement in moral and religious questions instead of the judgements and teachings of the Church.

What was George Washingtons Political Party?

George Washington was not for either Political Party, although different parties did not exist back then, he did say that political parties would be the downfall of this nation.

What do political parties and other groups think should be done about the issue with women's rights and the church?

That would depend on the religion involved. In the United States of America, the Government has no business interfering with religious dogma, tradition and issues. Politics should not and legally can not be involved with this issue. People within these parties may have an opinion, but legally the parties should not be involved. Separation between church and state was originally setup to prevent politics from being involved with these issues, not to prevent the church from interfering with politics. Thomas Jefferson made the issue very clear by explaining the wall of separation that the state should never tear down. The issue has always been that the government should not get involved with the church.

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Should be the church interfere in the soccial political and economic issues?

A church should be devoid of any political interference. It should be self sustaining and self governing. This does not mean that its parishoners should not be involved in politics. All honest men should be aware of their countries political situation. The church should have no influence upon its members as to how they should vote except to vote for honest and just men and women.Answer:Yes. The church should, should we allow laws to be passed that are against the will of God. If more Christians stood up for their beliefs, the world would be a better place (in my opinion)

Should church leaders be political rulers?

No, it should not.

Should you stay or go to church?

you should go to church that's what you believe in but if your going for someone else then your wasting your time

What did Calvinists believe should control the church?

John Calvin

Do you believe that people with develomental disabilities have a right and are excepted in the church as members?

Yes, these people should be accepted as church members. The church should accept their profession of faith in Christ at face value and not ask how well they understand what they believe - and that should apply to all members.

What did the puritians believe about the church?

they believed that everyone should have their own opion

Did anne Hutchinson believe church and state should be separate?


Name something they ask you to do in the church?

I believe that when you are in the church you should,pray,sing,give money,kneel,be quiet,stand.

Which idea of Luther's most influence john Calvin?

they both agreed that church teachings should be based on the words of The Bible

What church should you join?

The One, Holy, Universal and Apostolic Church, The Catholic Church.

Why did George Washington believe that economic democracy should precede political democracy?

he didnt

Aristotle believe the best political community should be composed of?

Middile class of a citizen >