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what were the groups involved in the king philip's war

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Exo-M and Exo-K.

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Q: What groups were involved in king Philips war?
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The event that sparked the collapse of the dominion of New England?

I think it's King Philips War???

How did the war affect minority groups during the American revolutionary war?

Well, there were three main groups in the revolutionary war. There were the loyalists which supported the king, the patriots wanted freedon from the king, the neautralists had not choosen a side. Other than those three groups I'm not 100% sure if any other groups even exist but that is definatly the three main groups and they were all effected because the loyalists lost, the patriots won, the neutralists were pushed to the patriot side because the patriots got there way

Who and what groups were involved in the Revolutionary War?

Beyond Britain and the Thirteen Colonies, there were quite a few others involved in the Revolutionary War. Some native tribes, who believed the British were their only chance of keeping the colonists from usurping their lands, joined them in battle. King George also enlisted the aid of German Hessian mercenaries. The colonists had assistance as well, France and Spain, who generally just didn't like the British joined them. In addition, there were some Native American tribes that chose to fight with the Patriots.

What was the longest and bloodiest war between whites and Indians in the 1600s?

The longest and bloodiest war between the whites and Indians was King Phillip's War.

How did different groups contribute to the Revolutionary war effort?

the women were nurses and Africans and young men fought in the war..

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What groups were involved in the king Philip's war?

An Indian tribe. It was called King Philips War because the colonists were sent by King Philip. They also got in war with England.

When did king Philip's war waged?

king Philips war was waged in 1637

When king Philips war fought?

King Philip's War was fought from 1675 to 1678.

What did king Philips war arose over?

settlers began moving onto Indians land and metacomet got mad and started a war colonists called King Philips War

What was the result of King Philips War?

very bad

What was the major issue that caused King Philips war?

settlers began moving onto Indians land and metacomet got mad and started a war colonists called King Philips War

Who led the Native Americans of New England in king Philip's war?

they lead the native Americans o the war because king Philips need help with the war

What was the war called were the English settlers attacked native Americans in Connecticut?

King Philip's War

What led to king Philips war and what was the outcome?

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How did king Philips war affect town of Hadley?


How is king Philips war revolutionary?

you all are lazy. kbye.

What event helped the English settlers with king Philips war?

World War 2