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Q: What happened during the last eruption of Mt Fuji?
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What happened in Mount Fuji's last eruption?

it had effects on the people and the environments in the long term (:

Did mount Fuji have a quiet or violent eruption?

Mt Fuji was pyroclastic flow in 1707-1708[ its last eruption ] their for it was a violent eruption.

What was the last erupt of Mt. Fuji?

The last recorded eruption of Mount Fuji occurred in 1707 during the Edo period. This eruption, known as the Hoei Eruption, lasted for over two weeks and caused widespread damage in the surrounding areas. Since then, Mount Fuji has been dormant.

What was the last recorded eruption of mt Fuji?

the last recorded was in my pant

How much damage did mount FUJI last eruption cause?

1707Little to no damage because Mt. Fuji's first eruption is estimated long before civilization in Japan.Not sure... but my last eruption lasted about 10 seconds

When was Mt. Fuji last active?

Mt Fuji's last major eruption was in 1707. It has been dormant since 1708.

When has Mt Fuji erupted?

Mt. Fuji is a volcano in Japan. It's last eruption was on December 16, 1707. It is long overdue for another eruption.

How big was the last eruption of Mount Fuji compared to the eruption of Mount Saint Helens?

about as 50% chance that mount saint helens' eruption is way bigger than mount fuji

How does fuji erupt?

It is not currently an active volcano, Mt Fuji's last eruption was some 300 years ago.

What caused the formation of Mt Fuji?

Mount Fuji was formed through a series of volcanic eruptions that occurred over thousands of years. The mountain is a stratovolcano, which means it was created by layers of hardened lava, ash, and other volcanic materials building up over time. The last eruption of Mount Fuji happened in 1707.

What was the biggest eruption from the volcano mount Fuji?

The largest eruption of Mount Fuji in recorded history occurred in 864 AD. This eruption, known as the Hoei eruption, resulted in the deposition of volcanic ash as far as 100 km away from the volcano and impacted the surrounding areas.

Did mount fuji kill anyone?

yeah it did, it killed 25,369,922 in its last eruption in 1707