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TO understand what happened you must first know about the Aparteid raegiam (sorry for the typo) that was in place at this stage in South African history.

Basically aparteid means separate but equal but not in this case. In this case the whites were much more benifited then the other two groups blacks and colours.

During the 1970's several momentus events happened like: The shooting at Soweto, where a group of militants opened fire on black school children protesting about the unequal school system.

And the 'accidental' death of Steve Biko one of the most influencial black rights peaceful protestors of all the Aparteid.

Naturally the government of South Africa tried to supress these events, but the news eventually leaked out to the rest of the world.

World governments were horrified and immediately began to attempt to stop this in the forms of either boycotting (totally blocking out the country) or bridge building (continuing contact but at every contact try to get through to them that what they are doing is wrong)

So at this stage New Zealand decided to bridge-build them in the form of Rugby. But not all NZers agreed with this idea so decided to protest. This event became one of the most violent times in modern nz history.People protested in many forms: Marches, Signs, Disruption, Someone flour bombed the Eden park game from a plane, my dad even told me about a guy who snuck onto the field descuised as a referee and stole the ball hahaha. hope this helps.

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Q: What happened in the 1981 springbok tour?
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When was the springbok tour?

1981 was when the springbok tour was

What sports event divided new zealand opinion and caused protest marches in 1981?

1981 Springbok Tour

Who organised the 1981 tour protest?

There were a number of organisations opposed to the 1981 Springbok tour including: HART (Halt All Racist Tours), CARE (Citizens Association for Racial Equality), COST ( Citizens Opposed to the Springbok Tour) and others. Key figures included John Minto, Trevor Richards and Tom Newnham.

Name the main group involved in the protest in the 1981 springbok tour?

HART halt all racist tours organisation

What was the aims of the 1981 anti springbok tour?

The 1981 Anti-Springbok Tour protesters hoped to get the attention of the public, by making large scale protests involving almost all of the locals. They hoped to educate the public, of the situation over in Southern Africa, and how the Aparteid were conducting racial and capitalist actions against innocent civilians.

Who was the captain of the 1981 springbok team?

wynand classen!

What caused the 1981 Springbok tour to end?

It ended because the tour was officially over. The Springboks played all the games they were scheduled to, barring the Hamilton and Timaru games which were cancelled due to extreme protesting. The tour wasn't ended early or anything, if that's what you were asking. It just finished.

What was the impact on New Zealand's identity after The 1981 Springbok Tour?

hey hotties.. hope ya having fun in PED :) love yaaaaa.. Carey Lee & Joe Lolo xxxxxx BIG KISS

Did the New Zealand government make the right decision in allowing the 1981 Springbok Tour to go ahead?

No I don't think the govern ment made the right choice. Letting the tour go ahead split families up because they didn't agree on what was right.

How did the springbok tor start?

well it started in 1960 and it ended in 1981

What Springbok rugby team was Darius Botha in?

The 1981 team that toured New Zealand

What are long and short term causes of springbok tour?

gleneagles agreement- short term apartheid-long term