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Q: What happened to Molly Pitcher after the revolution?
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What Molly Pitcher do for a living?

molly pitcher helped the American Revolution war. she helped carry the men.

What did Mary Molly Pitcher Hays do during the American revolution?

molly pitcher Hayes brought buckets of water tt the solders to use the cannon.

The name of one of the women who fought in the American Revolution?

Molly Pitcher.

What time period did Molly Pitcher fight in the war?

In the American revolution.

Why did Molly Pitcher help with revolution?

She helped because her husband was in the war.

American Revolution women?

Abigail Adams, Molly Pitcher, Deborah Sampson + others.

What did Molly Pitcher do as a job?

She brought water to soldiers on the battlefield during the american revolution. Hope this helps!

Molly Pitcher's parents names?

Dad: John George Ludwig Mom: Gretchen LudwigActually There are more then one molly pictcher IM in the 5th grade . Im doing Margarette corbin. Another molly pitcher . Molly pitcher was just a nick name giving by the army. When a lady is taking care of them. Every molly pitcher did this when her husband was down she fired the cannon.

Molly pitcher education?

molly pitcher had no education

What is the possessive form of Molly Pitcher?

Molly Pitcher's

Did Molly Pitcher go to college?

Molly Ludwig, known famously as Molly Pitcher got her name from carrying pitchers of water to soldiers during battle. She never went to college because at the time of the American Revolution, girls were not allowed to attend school.

Was Molly pitcher English?

molly pitcher was half english